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Version 1.1

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Why though? Why should you make lemonade?
If anything, the lemon is actually money. You could plant the lemons and make even more lemons, of which you could grow and get even more, useful for selling. However, that's not the only thing you do. Maybe you could make lemonade-- After you have a successful business with lemons. I mean, that way you're getting more than life has ever intended for you to actually get out of lemons-- You get lemonade and money!

But could you take it a step further? Possibly.
Only the craziest of people might do this, but, if you have enough money...
Buy a big-name company. Specifically, a different lemon company. Why would you do this?

It's simple-- More lemons.

More lemons > More profit > More companies to buy

And then it repeats! Soon you'll be having a literal monopoly on lemons.
If you think that's limiting, then just sell other stuff.
In fact, buy China!!!!
Wait, why China and not somewhere else? Well, they're the ones that make, like, 90% of the stuff that you see.
Guns, couches, toys, plushes, basically everything is made in China. Because of this, buying China will give you the ability to do whatever you want with the products of all those companies.
My point? You'll be able to take a share of their stuff as "tax". Then, you can resell for even more money! If a country doesn't like what you're doing, then tell them "Alright, if you don't partner then I can't give you my stuff" and they'll stop.
Soon, you'll get to buy every other country. If they decline, then offer more money! If you buy the world, then you'll be able to control everything, and if anyone doesn't like you?

‚ÄčSilence them.
This way they'll be unable to hurt you. Sure, news reporters will catch on and spread it to the masses, but as someone once said:
"It don't matter if they hate you if they all say your name!"
I mean, that's why doing this is such a good idea! Because nobody will do anything! Why? Because they'll be scared!
This will allow you to keep your tyrannical reign over everything.
However, we aren't done yet. After all, there's still an entire galaxy to take over. Heck, even an entire universe!

Doing this is actually pretty easy. After all, nobody's bought the moon, or even Mars. Sure, getting on a planet is hard, but don't forget: We basically have infinite money. Because of this, we can build anything we want-- even a rocket that'll be able to go to the out reaches of space and send things from Earth to every other place in a few seconds. After all, it's not too impossble with all this money.